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    PandaConnects administration team facilitates a timely, correct and complete portfolio overview – a full-scale investment
    administration covering both bankable and non-bankable investments.  Taking control of data enables you to make informed investment decisions
    – helping you achieve the twin goals of preservation and growth.

Investment Administration

At PandaConnect, our objective is to create maximum value for our clients at the lowest possible cost within Investment Administration.

This covers services such as Investment Reporting, Investment Accounting, Fund Service (NAV), Collection Management and IT.

The solutions are simple, unique and global using our in-house developed front-to-back on-line portfolio management platform.

We Work Across Industries

We work across various industries from the smaller private wealth segment, Single Family Office to Multi Family Offices, Investment Advisors, Foundations, Unions, Universities, Unemployment Funds etc. to major institutional clients within Pension Schemes, Insurance Companies, Investment Managers and Investment Funds (NAV).

Our many partners have selected our solution because of high competencies in the organisation, a sophisticated but simple IT platform and a value oriented attitude towards each and every client.

Value Proposition

  • Take control of your investment data.

  • Get a complete overview of all your investments.

  • Make better decisions

We Have the Services you Need

Investment reporting

Consolidated reporting combining bankable and non-bankable investments across banks and managers is an art 

Investment accounting

Covers the Back Office tasks as well as record keeping and accounting

Fund service (NAV)

NAV Calculations, Shareholder Register and Compliance

Collection management

Integrating your collections in your overall asset allocation

Our Teams are Always Ready to Share our Know How and Experience

At PandaConnect we are always open for taking an informal discussion with you upon your entire investment universe and how to optimize your infrastructure. It can be a challenge to organising the portfolios, custodians, asset managers and legal entities in a suitable way supporting your needs.

Your Portfolios at Your Fingertips – Anytime and Anywhere

Your data is available to you in numerous ways.

Go online with PandaCockpit® and get an immediate overview of the most relevant investment information. Choose to order detailed reports from the report module. All reports are generated as PDF or Excel documents. Use the App for a top view.

If you need basic data for your own systems, we provides data loads for you. Your accounting figures will be provided to you in  standardised files – ready to be loaded to your bookkeeping system.

Success Stories

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The Gjensidige Foundation has after an extensive selection process chosen PandaConnect Group as a partner of securities administration. In the selection criteria, the emphasis was placed upon PandaConnects’ high level of competencies, the simple and intuitive user interface, the implementation process and the good standard solutions. The Foundation has been extremely satisfi ed with the seamless implementation – the agreement was signed in spring and by the summer the foundation prepared the interim report on the basis of PandaConnect’s data and platform. In the daily administration, the foundation uses PandaCockpit to control risks, create transparency of investments and a simple overview.

Kyrre Lindquist , Gjensidige Foundation

About the Gjensidige Foundation (Gjensidigestiftelsen)

The Gjensidige Foundation (Gjensidigestiftelsen) is unique. It is the largest foundation in Norway and combines two important roles. It is a significant financial player and the principal shareholder of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, and it is an important contributor to various socially beneficial causes, with the focus on health and safety.

  • Norway’s first financial foundation – Established in 2007.
  • The vision is to create a safer environment in Norway.
  • Largest shareholder of Gjensidige Insurance ASA with 62% ownership.
  • Apart from the ownership of the insurance company, the foundation manages investment-assets of around 1,9B GBP.
  • Each year the Gjensidige Foundation donates around 20M GBP to different projects of social nature.
  • Since 2007 the Foundation has donated around 200M GBP to approximately 6.000 projects.
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About PandaConnect

“Corpus has been very pleased with PandaConnect and their reporting package has been invaluable in tracking and explaining the performance of a complex mid-sized Endowment portfolio. The software copes well with both public and private investments and the team have been both responsive and flexible during the onboarding process. Customer service is excellent. Fees are transparent and offer good value. This relationship has become a valuable partnership for the College in a relatively short space of time.”

Nicholas Melhuish


Corpus Christi College

About Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi is a constituent College of the University of Oxford, founded in 1517. Today, we are a vibrant, close-knit community of students, Fellows and lecturers from many different backgrounds. Our size gives everyone the opportunity to get involved, make an impact on College life, and be individually supported in the pursuit of excellence. Corpus Christi is right in the heart of Oxford – an inspiring oasis for study and friendship.

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 PandaConnect have for the third time been mentioned in Forbes for best family office software solution. 

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