Family Office implementation struggle

May , 2017

Multi-billion Family Office choose PandaConnect Group – Why?

After 6 month of struggle with implementing an in-house Portfolio Management System. The Client decided to look for other options.

We visited the Client.

The first question was: Do we want an in-house system or use a external provider?

It’s a very big question and there is no right answer to it.

After 20 years in the business, it’s still a gut feeling. How do you like to use your resources?

We believe the Client need to:

  • Take control of their portfolio data.
  • Get a complete overview of all their investments.

and by this – be able to

  • Make better decisions.

After a presentation, workshop, some references and a short due diligence the multi-billion single Family Office had no doubt, they selected PandaConnect Group as partner for security administration and financial reporting.

Implementation of Portfolio Management System in 40 days

The implementation process started strait after signing the contract and ran seamless.

40 working days after signing the contract, the Family Office was up and running!

Potential clients often ask us how long time will it take?

The answer to that question is always difficult as we have never seen two similar clients. When you implement a Client there are many things that can go wrong – and this Client was not an easy one. But via a close cooperation between us and the Client, very good planning and lots of tests – we managed together.

Yes – This implementation was very fast – and off course sometimes it takes longer time, but if you learn by your mistakes and always improve – you will find success.


– Many thanks to the Client for giving us the chance and great work implementation team – this was again an outstanding performance from all.

We have a happy Client and look forward to helping them in the years to come.

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