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Forbes: Software Providers to Family Offices

October , 2020

We are proud that we also in 2020 have been featured in a roundup on Forbes of Software Providers to Family Offices. In the round-up Forbes has selected around 30 different solutions for Single Family Offices out of more than 250 providers. Especially we love being described as “Denmark’s PandaConnect”. The round-up can be found here: PandaConnect in Forbes 2020.

The round-up is based on The Family Office Software Review, conducted by the Simple team helping families to find the right family office software and solutions. One outcome of the research is standardized categories that help family offices to get a better understanding of what providers offer and what their limitations are. “According to Bijan Farsijani, who heads research & insights at Simple, “Choosing software solutions for family offices is a pain – not least because providers and family offices speak different languages”. We would like to thanks &Simple for making the communication clearer and more transparent. For all of us in PandaConnect it is important that the client gets what they expect and need.
 The survey was conducted not only with the archetypal family office in mind, but more widely for those who engage with family wealth, no matter the legal, geographical or physical set up. With the survey it is easy to find solutions for your consolidated reporting if that is what you need or for other family office solutions applicable. As a full-scale investment administration solution, covering all assets classes we are happy for having a survey helping the families finding solutions  in order to achieve the twin goals of wealth preservation and growth Through data aggregation and consolidation across family members, banks, currencies, and managers.

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