Infrastructure to
Investment Funds

PandaConnect provides investment funds a solid infrastructure for growth…

Investment Funds (NAV)

PandaConnect provides investment funds a solid infrastructure for growth. Investment funds can expect timely, accurate and independent portfolio administration- while being extremely cost effective.  

Which Advantages Will an Investment Fund Obtain With a PandaConnect Solution?

Investment Reporting and Fund Services

Less in-house human resources required.

Operational risks are lowered.


  • Daily reporting on holdings, return and performance.
  • Overview of shareholders across all investment funds
  • Expenses per shareholder
  • Annual tax reporting per shareholder
  • Tax reporting for the investment funds
  • MIFID reporting

Automatic dataflows

  • Direct loads from custodians
  • Automatic reporting to Bloomberg
  • Automatic reporting to Morningstar
  • Automatic reporting to ThomsonReuters (Refinitiv)
  • Automatic reporting to Allfunds


  • Full accounting trail
  • Compliance module with fully automatic surveillance of investment rules


  • High level of automatic controls
  • Daily, weekly or monthly NAV
  • NAV per unit
  • Different share classes
  • Calculation of fund contribution
  • Calculation of subscription fee
  • Calculation of management fee
  • Calculation on custody fee
  • Calculation of performance fee
  • Tracking of unsettled subscriptions
  • Fixed interest funds (return per share)
  • Accounting
  • Benchmark per fund

Shareholder Register

  • Register of shareholders
  • Registration of nominees
  • Automatic (if possible) creation of shareholders
  • Automatic (if possible) registration of subscriptions.
With a PandaConnect solution yo get a comprehensive measurement of your portfolio returns and performance.

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