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Investment Reporting is an Art

Our business is built on long-term working relationships. As we see it, any successful cooperation is built on trust and mutual respect.

Teamwork is a very important part of the daily process at PandaConnect. We cooperate with our clients, their custodians, portfolio managers and accountants on a daily basis.

We also work closely together with our data suppliers, systems suppliers and auditors.

One of our core values is to develop our business through an ongoing dialogue with all of our associates and to establish and maintain a very close working relationship – especially with our clients.

Investment Reporting Services

Investment Reporting - Standard and Bespoke

Bespoke investment reporting and standard investment reporting are two different approaches to reporting investment returns, risk, performance and related information

There is no single solution for this task. Each client has a little different requirements and wishes.

We usually provide a proposal, that either is short and aggregated or a more detail-oriented version.

Together we’ll find the most appropriate model for you.

Performance Analysis, Risk And Stress Tests

PandaCockpit® provides an overview of your investments and the ability to make better decisions.

With PandaCockpit®, you can see the return, risk on your investments and benchmark, transactions, static data, market values and key indicators. You can also order reports, do data extrations etc.

Risk consist of compliance functions, currency, counterparty, Value-at-Risk analyses, Stress test and calculation of statistical key indicators, Rating etc.

Together with you, we can compose an investment report that you receive at appropriate intervals or view in PandaCockpit®.

This reporting can consist of professional performance analyses, compliance functions, Value-at-Risk analyses, and calculation of statistical key indicators.

We can calculate Solvency II (Market risk) or other stress tests, including data marts that are ideal for your own Solvency II model.

We also collect third-party data in general or for use with e.g. Solvency II.
As we are also integrated with other expert systems, you can conduct additional advanced analyses.


Sometimes clients fear that outsourcing will drain knowledge from the organisation.

Yet often we see clients have more time for reflection – which results in greater insight and better decisions.

In any case, training is needed.

We are happy to help.

Consolidated reporting

Consolidated investment reporting is a process that involves combining financial and performance data from various investment accounts and assets into a single report. This report provides a comprehensive view of the organization’s investment portfolio, allowing decision-makers to make informed investment decisions.

We help you to collect and combine all your data – across managers, banks, family members, legal entities, jurisdictions and currencies amongst others.

Compliance For The Investment Policy, Managers etc.

The Board or principal has passed a policy or strategy for the investment management. Is it being monitored?

Is the policy compatible with your own or external investment mandates?

Can it even be monitored?

Is their separation between Investment, Advice and Administration?

We help to make the policy operational and prepare independent monitoring and reporting relating to the policy and also asset managers, if required.

We can also offer to control the contracts with custodians, managers etc. for correct fee, MIFID etc.

Cost & Investment Transparency

Another service we offer involves reviewing all your investments for costs, including e.g. investment fund. Although we emphasis that these figures are not exact, the results are surprising.

We can also check whether settlements are settled in accordance / approximately in accordance with asset management agreements, custody agreements etc.

To enhance investment transparency, we have designed two transparency levels, “Semi transparency” and “Full transparency”.

Semi transparency displays the portfolio at aggregated level whereas full transparency shows the portfolio right down to the share of an ISIN code e.g. in an investment fund.

Full transparency is useful for Solvency II, for example.

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