Cooperation & Teamwork

    Our business is built on long-term working relationships.
    As we see it, any successful cooperation is built on trust and mutual respect.

Cooperation & Teamwork

Our business is built on long-term working relationships. As we see it, any successful cooperation is built on trust and mutual respect.

Teamwork is a very important part of the daily process at PandaConnect. We cooperate with our clients, their custodians, portfolio managers and accountants on a daily basis.

We also work closely together with our data suppliers, systems suppliers and auditors.

One of our core values is to develop our business through an ongoing dialogue with all of our associates and to establish and maintain a very close working relationship – especially with our clients.

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IT Setup

PandaConnect’s portfolio management system is installed on our own servers and within our own network frame. With our IT counselors, we regularly evaluate and modify our IT setup.

We cooperate with several hosting providers on storage of servers and data. We use one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of IT hosting. This fact indicates that all our servers are placed in top professional and safe environments and meet the standards for hosting data in the financial sector. Furthermore, we have access to an independent backup centre, which can be up and running within 5 hours.

Read more about IT platform and IT security under Services.


Advanced analyses are required in investment and risk management.

We focus on your data and can calculate many different scenarios, as shown in the section on Investment reporting. We can also “energies” your own designed models.

However we have decided not to develop all the functionalities in our system ourselves. Instead we work with some of the best providers of advanced analysis systems, and to take the responsibility of creating the integration to these partners. By creating access to these expert systems, we provide our customers with the opportunity to benefit from all the excellent possibilities that lie within while solving the eternal big data challenge.

Data Processing Suppliers

All our services are based on correct, punctual and complete data. This is why we have decided to work only with the best data processing suppliers.

In agreement with you, we decide how and when your custodians and portfolio managers have to deliver transactions and balancing statements. We have developed an online access to a huge number of custodians.

We receive daily information on the individual equities and bonds etc., e.g. master data, rates and key figures.

On Alternative investments we setup a data-flow which ease the very difficult flow.

We also handle all your Collections etc. if you like us to do so.

Our Back Office balances all figures upon receipt, before these are made available in PandaCockpit®.

Read more about PandaCockpit® under Services.


We work closely with our own and our clients’ auditors.

Your auditors are always welcome to drop by in connection with the preparation of annual reports and review.

Deloitte is the auditor advisor to PandaConnect. In collaboration we work out features to file accounts, tax reports and reports for financial supervision. Deloitte takes part in defining the specification requirements and participate in our extensive tests.

Together with our IT auditor EY we assess how major changes in our IT setup influence the platform security. EY performs an ongoing review of our collective IT setup. We publish the IT security statement issued by EY to our clients annually. EY’s assessment positions us among the very best IT security platforms in Denmark.

Read more about IT security under Services.

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