Family Offices in Luxemburg

July , 2021

Clients in Luxembourg

We are happy and proud. The past week has been fantastic. The week has brought us 3 new clients, based in Luxembourg independent of each other.  The new clients are all within the Family Office business. Two of the clients are professional Single Family Offices and the third a newly started Multi Family Office. One of the SFO’s (with a background in construction and properties) found us through an independent advisor rooted in Belgium. The SFO has a long history within investments. The other SFO (with a background within retail) has +100 years history with a very modern philosophy, focusing on sustainability in their investments in all aspects. This SFO is also represented in Italy and UK. The MFO is quite new and operates out of Luxemburg and Belgium. As a newly established MFO it has been crucial, that the pricing model follows the development of the client base. Even more important – the selected solution shall strongly support the growth of the client base – both when it comes to handling a number of clients with very diversified investments as well as signaling control of their infrastructure and strong governance. We welcome our clients from Luxemburg, and look forward to a long and warm cooperation.

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