Investment Accounting

Based on reconciled holdings, transactions and cash, our investment accounting ensures you a correct general ledger – ready to book.

Investment Accounting is the Corner Stone

Investment accounting involves managing the back-office tasks, record-keeping, and accounting related to investments. We handle all data collection and reconciliation in the back-office. PandaConnect unify and prepare transactions and holdings for use. Furthermore our STP-flow integrates with over 65 local and international banks and custodians to efficiently gather data. When you partner with our team, you can expect a streamlined and optimized operation. We seamlessly integrates with your organization, resulting in a more efficient daily workflow.

Investment Accounting Services

Back Office

By using our solution you have access to both qualified and flexible manpower within the areas of IT, Back Office and Middle Office.

We also take care of the everyday “drudgery”, and regard ourselves as your employees.

Initially PandaConnect establishes the cooperation with your custodians, to prepare the transfer of electronic or manual transactions and a basis for balancing accounts.

When received and collected, data is registered in PandaConnect’s systems. Registered information could be trades, interests, yields, redemptions, corporate actions, prices, static data, and key figures.

To maintain accuracy and quality, we conduct regular internal reviews and control processes. These may include reconciling nominal balances and accounts with custodians, verifying associations between trades and cash movements. Furthermore we perform random checks on prices and static data, and collect any missing information. All in all, by consistently monitoring and improving our processes, we strive to provide reliable and trustworthy services to our clients.

In addition PandaConnect set up the best possible solution to keep you as updated as possible on your alternative investments


The cornerstone of our services is to execute the accounts of financial assets – whether you decide to complete it yourself or leave it to us.

It is possible to calculate the figures on the basis of the Back Office transactions, our static data and prices.

If you prefer, PandaConnect can complete the accounts with additional specifications. All you need to do is to register a general ledger balance once a month or leave it to us to talk with the auditors.

In connection with the annual report, we can also take the dialogue with the auditor, as well as access to PandaCockpit® in connection with the audit.

PandaCockpit - the collection module integrates all your collections into your total wealth overview.

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