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Pension Schemes

Whether characterized by huge deficits or surpluses, DB, DC and hybrid schemes
are obliged to govern trusted money…

Pension Schemes

Whether characterized by huge deficits or surpluses, both Defined Benefit (DB), Defined Contribution (DC), and hybrid pension schemes are obligated to effectively manage and govern entrusted funds. In this challenging landscape, PandaConnect emerges as a reliable partner, offering comprehensive and consolidated reporting services.

PandaConnect’s reporting solutions encompass various crucial aspects, including holdings, allocation, expenses, and performance analysis. By leveraging these reporting capabilities, pension schemes gain valuable insights into their investment data. This enables them to maintain a firm grip on their financial standing, make informed decisions, and evaluate potential risks associated with their investment portfolios.

Furthermore, PandaConnect’s reporting platform plays a crucial role in aiding pension schemes in assessing their investment managers. By offering a comprehensive overview of performance metrics and historical data related to these managers, the platform empowers schemes to make informed decisions regarding the evaluation of their selected managers.

PandaConnect stands out as a trusted ally for pension schemes seeking to effectively govern their entrusted funds. With its consolidated reporting services, encompassing holdings, allocation, expenses, and performance, PandaConnect equips schemes with the necessary tools to control investment data, optimize costs, and evaluate their investment managers.

Which Advantages Will a Pension Scheme Obtain With a PandaConnect Solution?

Investment Reporting Services


An institutional service, built on institutional values.


World class IT infrastructure audited by EY.


New regulatory standards are built into the system to meet market standards.


Improved overview on performance measurements.


More independence from managers and custodians.


Higher transparency on costs and expenses.

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