It is very difficult to choose a new portfolio management system – especially as Family Office.
Why ? Because the Family Office is used to the best of best in design, quality, etc. !

  • But what is important in Investment administration?

Our proposal  is a proven professional system with accurate data and many skilled employees in the administration.

It never gets better than data. We are sometimes called the engineers in the industry ….. others will call us nerds.

This is probably the case when you have been in the industry for over 20 years.

We don’t mind waiting 2 years for a customer to feel they choose right – and know what matters.

Sometimes we lose due to that – but when the day is over, we win together with our customers!

2 years later, Billion Family Office selects

By 2015, we had a series of meetings with a large Family Office. They could see that their current “in-house” solution posed challenges especially regarding handling of derivatives and alternative investments such as Private Equity.

The investment universe was changing – where interest rates before yielded high ROI, other investment classes were needed now.

We were relatively new in the market, but had already received good references and could show a long track record for over 20 years from the Danish market.

Nevertheless, they chose to continue with their current solution.

2 years later they were not in doubt – our references were investigated and they noticed the many other “friends” who had chosen the same route.

The contract was concluded and they were soon in production afterwards.


– Many thanks to the Client for giving us the chance and great work implementation team – this was again an outstanding performance from all.

We have a happy Client and look forward to helping them in the years to come.

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