East Sussex English Pension Fund

September , 2018

England is a big country. Historically with many traditions.

England is not Denmark and the pension fund market is another.

But after having serving the Danish pension fund market for more than 20 years with securities administration, investment reporting, reporting to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, we have accumulated a lot of experience.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has also increased focus and made great demands on the industry compared to other countries.

The English market is very difficult.

After many years in the English market, with countless due diligence  – we are getting a foothold.

We are therefore very proud that yet another English pension fund has chosen our services from little Denmark in competition with the largest providers in the world.

We welcome another customer and look forward to helping them in the coming years – with Brexit at the door.


– Many thanks to the Client for giving us the chance and great work implementation team – this was again an outstanding performance from all.

We have a happy Client and look forward to helping them in the years to come.

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